Welcome, Newcomer,

The website to which you have found your way, owes its existence to a group of persons united by a common passion for learning. Passion that concentrates on various aspects of the natural heritage of our city and region. The heritage that is a sum of the past and the present. The heritage of thoughts and actions of people, who devoted their lives to studying, discovering, describing and protecting the nature of the Radom district. The heritage referring also to existence and activity of institutions connected with wildlife conservation.

We strive to continue this tradition by studying and documenting the world of animals, plants and objects of inanimate nature which surrounds us. The changes in the life of our city and region should proceed in a harmonious union and coexistence with the world of nature, of which people are just a tiny particle. Through various forms of activity: publications, leaflets, posters, field trips, suggestions for changes in the local law, we try to promote such a harmonious coexistence. 

Our group consists of people of various age and professions, formed by all sorts of experience. Nothing stands in the way of your joining us. 

All persons interested in studying the world of nature we invite to share our activities, to take part in our campaigns and research projects.